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Tarot cards are an ancient set of spiritual cards which offer a connection to the energy that surrounds us. By connecting to this energy we are able to gain insightful guidance from the Universe into our destiny. These tarot readings are posted by Glen Hayman, a member of Aqua Maddison Numerology. Glen was a tarot card reader for the website before it became part of Aqua Maddison Numerology.


Open your heart and mind to the spiritual guidance of tarot.


Tarot Reading for Wednesday 21st February 2018


Today focuses on the appearance of The Lovers, Judgement, Seven of Swords and Five of Cups.


Today The Lovers focuses more on its generalised meaning of choices and values as it links with Judgement and the matter of good judgement. The choices made today can come with consequences so make sure you do make the right ones. The matter of integrity and moral values are highlighted today, especially when there is a strong caution in the combination of the Seven of Swords and Five of Cups. The Seven of Swords warns of dishonest and dishonourable behaviour. Those who show poor character can be caught out today, and the Five of Cups shows that the road to redemption can be a long journey back. Restoring a tarnished character can be very difficult so think ahead with all your actions. Make the right choices.






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