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Tarot cards are an ancient set of spiritual cards which offer a connection to the energy that surrounds us. By connecting to this energy we are able to gain insightful guidance from the Universe into our destiny. These tarot readings are posted by Glen Hayman, a member of Aqua Maddison Numerology. Glen was a tarot card reader for the website before it became part of Aqua Maddison Numerology.


Open your heart and mind to the spiritual guidance of tarot.


Tarot Reading for Wednesday 25th April 2018


Knight of Cups

Today focuses on the appearance of the Knight of Cups, Ace of Cups, Seven of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles.


There is a positive energy surrounding those loving relationships and close personal friendships. The combination of the Knight of Cups and Ace of Cups shows the happiness and emotional contentment that comes from being with those you love. Give love and be loved. Support each other through the tough moments and enjoy the tenderness and affection in each otherís company.


The Seven of Pentacles shows that you might be presented with a number of choices today. The good sign is that there are benefits to all options. You can hardly go wrong today no matter which choice you choose to follow. You should feel confident in where you stand and confident with the future that lies before you. The Nine of Pentacles shows a pathway of rewards in all options so simply follow the one that satisfies your heart the most.




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