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Tarot Reading for Tuesday 19th September 2017


King of Wands

Todayís reading focuses on the appearance of the King of Wands, The Moon, Two of Pentacles and Six of Cups.


Somebody needs to step-up and take the lead today. The King of Wands is that excellent and strong leader who can instil confidence in those around them. The confusion of The Moon and fluctuation of the Two of Pentacles shows the need for the leadership of the King of Wands. A sense of order needs to be found, and the King of Wands is the one to do that. Are you ready to fulfil that role? Are you the one who knows the way forward, and the one that others can depend upon? The King of Wands encourages you to be that one. Itís up to you to set the tone.


The Six of Cups is a step back to the past. You may need to call upon your past skills to once again fix a current problem. What worked in the past may once again be valuable. You may also find that you have to return to a certain task that you have since moved on from, because you are the only one around who knows how that previous task is resolved. Inexperienced people may need you.


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