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Tarot Reading for Tuesday 24th April 2018


Ten of Wands

Today focuses on the appearance of the Ten of Wands, Five of Wands, Two of Cups and King of Wands.


Donít let other people overload you or skip out on their share of the workload as it may cause deep resentment and possible conflict. The Ten of Wands is a warning against taking on a larger burden of tasks. It is affected by the energy of the Five of Wands which reflects anger, disagreements and conflict. If you feel swamped or left to carry the burden because of other people, it is possible that your anger may break through and cause a serious issue in your friendship with that person. Say no from the start if you know it is too much, and donít allow them to escape their responsibilities. Everyone needs to fulfil their share of the work.


On a separate and more positive note, you can make some great connections today. There is someone in your day who can give you great friendship and creative support. The Two of Cups shows the positive connection you build with this person as their personality makes a strong impression with you. The King of Wands shows that they are a supportive person who is happy to help find the answers and give that caring advice. They have many skills and a wealth of knowledge, and all you need to do is ask for their extra help. This person can also help you control and direct those around you as their leadership skills are quite strong and they can help hold the involvement of those less motivated members.


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