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Tarot Reading for Monday 25th June 2018


Three of Cups

Today focuses on the appearance of the Three of Cups, Six of Cups, King of Pentacles and Eight of Swords.


Mondays donít have to be anti-social, in fact the Three of Cups and Six of Cups shows a very pleasant social experience as you can have the opportunity to catch-up with someone from your past. The Three of Cups shows a strong social connection as the Six of Cups can bring that person from your past. It could give you the chance to make contact with an old friend who has slipped into the background or it may even be an old work colleague who reappears in your day. Someone from your past can bring happy memories into the present. If you have ever wondered what happened to that wonderful person from your past, today favours that reconnection. Put the vibe out there and see who you can meet.


There may be some negative thoughts with your finances as the security of the King of Pentacles is tested by the restrictive influence of the Eight of Swords. However, it is important to point out that the negative influence of the Eight of Swords is self-imposed. The thoughts you have will impact on your situation. If you think negatively about your financial situation and donít expect the situation to improve, then you will imprison yourself through the events you experience. You need to have a productive and progressive mind towards improving your financial security. Examine all the options and always expect only the best of outcomes. 


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