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Welcome to your free daily numerology reading. Remember, if you are reading this message then it is intended for you. The universe has guided you to this reading for a reason. It encourages you to open your mind and to look deeper into the message of this reading to find your spiritual guidance.


Numerology reading for Wednesday 25th April 2018


The long-form calculation of today brings the core number of 3.


The message for today is to try and keep matters on a factual and realistic level, and donít allow any situation to be misconstrued or overinflated. Be very careful of making assumptions. Make sure all the statements you make today are based on fact before you assert yourself. Be careful of entering into an argument blind. Make sure you know the full details of the situation. Also, donít overstate your own skills and knowledge as a failure to match expectations could tarnish your reputation. Donít allow pride or ego to get the better of you by taking on those tasks that you know are pushing beyond your experience.


Best wishes from Aqua Maddison.


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