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If you're in a different time zone or even just missed our daily astronumerology reading, below is the reading from Aqua Maddison for the previous day.


Astronumerology reading for Tuesday 20th February 2018


The Sun moves into the role of the ruling planet/luminary for today and links with the influence of Pluto. The Sun-Pluto link returns with its strong level of persistence and the power of determination. Today is that reminder that sometimes in life we have to face several challenges and fight hard for what we want. Stand your ground against the negative moments of the day. Today also shows that this is a time of change and reform, especially if you are linked to a creative or business project that has hit a stalling point. This is a day to review all previous steps, look for missing details and take action to get things back on track. Some of us may also look to resurrect that dream that we thought was lost.


Best wishes from Aqua Maddison.


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What is astronumerology?

Astronumerology in its simplest terms is an ancient Chaldean system where each core number is assigned a planetary energy. During a reading each letter of the alphabet associated with the subject of the reading is assigned a specific number (except for number 9) and added to all other numbers associated with that subject . These are continually added together and reduced to a single core number. The reading has a main ruling planet based upon the core number; however there is also the influence of secondary planets. The message of guidance from astronumerology is interpreted through the planetary energy associated with the core number.



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